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The Alabama Bag. Black ~ $375

As I travel around Ireland, I always allow extra time in my schedule to wander and browse, as this allows me time to discover some of the hidden gems. My recent visit to Kinsale, Co Cork did not disappoint.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dee  Mangan Tucker , founder and creator of 'The Kinsale Leather Co' . Sumptious and luxurious are words that spring to mind when describing her line of handbags. My first reaction was to reach out and touch the bag. The leather is like butter, soft , rich and tasteful.  Is it possible that a bag can ignite your senses? Yes, it is,  when you use only the very best materials. These pieces are hand stitched and crafted by a tanner who was trained by  'Prada'. Dee sources only the finest of Italian leathers and then the design and craftsmanship happens in Kinsale, Co Cork.

Dee also lovingly calls this tote 'The Runaway Bag' as she told me she thought you could simply pack it up and runaway. Her  attention to detail and eye for quality is evident as soon as you see this product.  I think the name Dee Mangan Tucker  is one to note as she is without a doubt destined for greatness.

Dimensions: Height 15.8 " (excluding strap which is 11" in height )

Width : 23" 



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