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Dining Room Candle $30

Handmade in Ireland. These luxury candles are the creation of Ireland's leading Interior Designers, Joseph Enko and Helen Roden.  Each handmade candle is carefully blended using a premium soy wax blend.  Each scent evokes the fragrance of a room in the Irish Country House.

Lavish dining was a feature of the Irish Georgian household. No expense was spared to ensure the highest level of geniality and good cheer, with tables beautifully dressed with winter berries and the bounties of nature. Guests enjoyed an atmosphere that was truly enchanting, featuring roaring fires, polished mahogany and gleaming silver. Toasts were made with finely cut Waterford crystal and the soft candlelight added to the magic, often into the small hours.

This lovely scented candle conjures up memories of festive delights, with fresh seasonal berries providing a sense of good things to come.

Available Size:  Large. 10oz. Burn Time 55 hours. $30










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