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Drawing Room Candle $30 & $25

Handmade in Ireland. These luxury candles are the creation of Ireland's leading Interior Designers, Joseph Enko and Helen Roden.  Each handmade candle is carefully blended using a premium soy wax blend.  Each scent evokes the fragrance of a room in the Irish Country House.

The Irish country house drawing room was of grand proportions, featuring soaring high ceilings, classical marble fireplaces and graceful ornate plasterwork, amongst the finest in Europe. A room of quiet elegance, used principally by day for family relaxation and musical entertainment. A place of refuge for ladies after dinner parties, where excited laughter, gossip and talk of romance filled the air.

This beautiful scented candle captures the essence of the drawing room, a delicate bouquet of summer tea roses with a hint of damask rose, mingled with jasmine.
















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