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Linen Room Candle $25 (Medium)

Handmade in Ireland.These luxury candles are the creation of Ireland's leading Interior Designers, Joseph Enko and Helen Roden.  Each handmade candle is carefully blended using a premium soy wax blend.  Each scent evokes the fragrance of a room in the Irish Country House.

Fine quality Irish linen was a highly valued commodity and frequently a prized part of a young society lady’s trousseau. Linen was always treated with the utmost care and its meticulous laundering and storage was taken very seriously. Clean bed linen and napery had to be stored in very dry conditions. Traditionally oak and walnut chests were used, with purpose-built pine cupboards introduced later.

The sweet lingering scent of lily of the valley, that tiny flower that announces the end of spring and the commencement of summer is the perfect complement to the indulgence and luxury of crisp white linen

Size Available: Medium. 6.5oz. 40 Hour burn time. $25













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