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Orangery Candle $25

Handmade in Ireland. These luxury candles are the creation of Ireland's leading Interior Designers, Joseph Enko and Helen Roden.  Each handmade candle is carefully blended using a premium soy wax blend.  Each scent evokes the fragrance of a room in the Irish Country House.

The orangery - later to become the greenhouse or conservatory,  was originally a heated building within the gardens of fashionable Irish residences. It was a place to protect and cultivate delicate citrus trees over cold winter months,  hence the name, along with exotic fruits such as pineapples, figs and cherries. Often an architectural gem and quite a status symbol among wealthy house owners, it was occasionally used to entertain guests during inclement weather. This lovely candle is also a gem, exuding a mildly exotic air of tranquility and the outdoors, through its heady blend of fig, orange blossom and jasmine.

Size Available:  Medium. 6.5oz.  40 Hour burn time. $25
















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