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Irish Country House Candles


Handmade in Ireland. These luxury candles are the creation of Ireland's leading Interior Designers, Joseph Enko and Helen Roden.  Each handmade candle is carefully blended using a premium soy wax blend.  Each scent evokes the fragrance of a room in the Irish Country House.

The libraries of Irish country houses provided an opportunity to savor the values of the age, where the taste, standing and interests of the owner of the house were reflected on the rows of shelves containing new and ancient tomes, presided over by bronze and marble busts. The visito was greeted with the smell of old leather bindings and some of the dusty volumes may even have contained secret love letters or pressed flowers.

This scented candle evokes the lingering aroma of beeswax and leather, suggesting a peaceful reserve of quiet contemplation.

The Complete Collection of Candles are available for purchase here on this site.  http://www.rachelgaffneys.com/discover