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Emmy Award Winning Producer embarks on Irish Kitchen Project

Rachel Gaffney embarks on IRISH KITCHEN with Emmy Award-winning HANDMADE TV producer Bob Altman.

Handmade TV's Irish Kitchen has launched with Rachel Gaffney. Handmade is creating the first-ever Irish Kitchen video cookbook.Brand partners welcomed.Currently premiering on HULU,YouTube Media,FilmAnnex Network and a stream of digital networks.


PRLog (Press Release) - Mar. 14, 2012 - Rachel Gaffney, originally from Cork, now living in Texas, as seen on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’, has embarked on an exciting media project with Emmy Award-winning producer Bob Altman of HANDMADE TV, former Supervising Producer of ‘Martha Stewart Living’,'Martha Stewart Wedding Specials’ for The Style Network and ‘Everyday Food’ for PBS. Together they plan on bringing ‘The Real Ireland’ to a global audience along with an Emmy Award-winning production team. 

HANDMADE and BRANDHALO created the IRISH KITCHEN the first-ever video cookbook based on recipes that best capture the spirit of the Irish kitchen. The 50 recipes selected will all live together as a collection, and as such they are seeking entries in all menu categories, including starters/appetizers, side dishes, mains, desserts and drinks.


When thinking about the recipes that you might submit, also think in terms of the story behind the recipe and why, from your perspective, it belongs in this collection. They ask that you submit a paragraph or so along with the recipe, explaining to home cooks around the world how they can share your love of the Irish palate with their family and friends by serving your dish. If selected, in addition to your video recipe and the text story behind the dish, they would also welcome the opportunity to present your photo, a short biography and a link to your blog or website.

While they hope to present the best of traditional Irish meal preparation, they are most interested in your interpretation and embellishment to a dish, even if has been passed down to you through the ages.

The Handmade and Brandhalo IRISH KITCHEN is currently premiering with Rachel Gaffney on HULU,YouTube Media,FilmAnnex Network and other digital networks.

The recipes are filmed in extreme close-up without an on-camera presenter, so that the ingredients and the ‘how-to’ process will be the stars. They will be styled by a feature film/television food stylist and lit, photographed and edited by an Emmy Award-winning production team. Runner-up entries may be presented in text and photo format also with a link back to your blog.

Brand partners welcomed.

The Irish Kitchen.

The kitchens,recipes,culture,crafts and history of Ireland and Irish America digitally streamed in HD to educate,entertain, engage and inspire a growing global audience.


Press Date: 
Wednesday, March 14, 2012