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Jo Browne Facial Balm and Bamboo Facecloth


Another of my favorite Irish Finds comes from Joanne Browne. Joanne is the founder and creator of Jo Browne Natural  Solid perfume.  Joanne is from Carlow, located in the South East of Ireland. I simply love this facial balm. I also use it regularly to soften, condition and moisturize  my hands. The Bamboo facecloth is so very soft and unlike other facecloths and it is anti-microbial.

How To Use

Remove a small amount from the tub, melt between fingertips and massage on to dry skin.  Remove with a warm  Bamboo Facecloth.  Repeat if necessary.  Also twice a week massage on to clean skin for 5 minutes, to enjoy the full benefits of this amazing Balm with camillia oil.  Camellia Oil is considered a “Miracle Oil” because of it’s many beauty and healing benefits.  It nourishes and revitalizes, delicate dry skin, strengthens it’s protective barrier, replenishes skin with vital skin nutrients and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, soft and supple.  Avoid Direct eye contact and not for use on broken skin.








Why Bamboo?

100% Eco- Friendly Bamboo Facecloth

Because it is also made from one of the best fibers, currently available . Bamboo is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, odor resistant and so much more.  Bamboo grows like a weed naturally, and requires no pesticides to keep it healthy.  When harvested for use, the roots remain, and the plant regenerates quickly.  All of this combines to produce one highly effective and Eco-friendly Facecloth cloth that offers relative superiority to most other alternatives