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Shampoo Soap Trio


Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Gardens is located in Connemara.  A place near and dear to my heart.  It's a spiritual place.  A place that feeds the soul and stimulates the senses.  It is here, at Kylemore,  that I met Sr Genevieve who runs the soapery. During one of my visits, I noticed a small bar of soap, wrapped neatly in brown paper. It was shampoo soap. I purchased a bar in the gift shop and went on my way. That was 5 years ago. Now, not only do I use this soap, religiously (if you'll pardon the pun) I decided to start selling it, as it is most definitely one of my 'Favorite Irish Finds'   Sr Genevieve told me she promotes this very same soap with "an evangelistic fervour" herself !  The oils are great for your hair and you only need one lather to leave your hair squeaky clean. By purchasing this soap, you are contributing to the operating costs and upkeep of this historic Abbey and Victorian Walled Gardens.












$41 ~ Includes Shipping

Includes 2 Bars of Rosemary Shampoo Soap and 1 Bar of Seaweed Extract Shampoo Soap