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  • The initial 15 minute consult is free. During this time, you can share with us the time frame that interests you. A preliminary check is very important for you. We will let you know if there are cities/towns/villages hosting major events, concerts, festivals. This is particularly important when planning your travel route. When this happens, and it does very frequently during the months of May-September, it enables us to advise where to fly in to , where to travel first and last etc.
  • You are responsible for booking your own flights, but we will discuss the logisitics and best routes for you based on your itinerary and or wants.
  • Should you wish to fly privately, RGRI has relationships  with airports in Ireland and can make all the arrangements. We have done this and can offer references.
  • You are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance . 
  • 10% Non refundable deposit required when all hotel rooms are agreed upon and booked. Full payment required 6 weeks prior to travel.
  • All Major credit cards accepted but processing fee is applied. Further details  available. 



  • Rachel is a native Irish woman living in the United States for over 20 years  and understands the needs and wants of the U.S traveler. 
  • Rachel's early career was  is in the hotel and travel industry, working in  Ireland, England and Scotland and understands both the customers needs and vendors requirements very clearly.
  • Rachel only uses the best hotels. What are the best hotels?  "If I won't stay there, then I won't book my clients there" says Gaffney
  • Rachel has a very clear idea of what makes a great hotel and what does not. In her opinion, being in the 5 star category does not necessarily make it the best hotel for each customer. 
  • Rachel is a monthly columnist for Irelands' leading independet travel guide  'Georgina Campbells Ireland'
  • Rachel travels back and forth to Ireland throughout the year checking out all the hidden gems to be found off the beaten path, suggesting places to clients that they would otherwise not know about.
  • Rachel listens very carefully to your needs, but even more so, she is always looking and listening for clues from clients.  These little clues or  "nuggets" as she says help her greatly, when planning a  memorable experience.  "I don't think people realize that just by chatting with me about their everyday life that I am getting a strong sense for their  individual style and interests"
  • Rachel has numerous relationships throughout the island of Ireland with chefs and restaurants and can reserve tables in advance or at least suggest them in each location.



Email : Rachel@Rachelgaffneys.com

Telephone: 469 - 644 6054




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